10 Pieces of Unsolicited Advice

This month Laura Tremaine challenged her followers to share 10 Pieces of Unsolicited Advice, writing, “Now’s your chance to share YOUR 10 most important pieces of unsolicited advice! Life, work, style, parenting, dating/marriage, cooking, anything goes.⁠” So here goes . . . 

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

1. Proofread carefully. To vs too vs two and there vs their vs they’re are important. I see businesses post using your instead of you’re quite often, and I cringe. Then I unfollow. 

2. Treat the refs with respect, even if they called a bad game. If you don’t, it reveals a lot about what kind of person you are. 

3. In any context, if you’re not going to help, keep your comments to yourself. It’s easy to criticize from the sidelines. 

4. Make a list of things that contribute to your health and make you feel good, then make a point of purposefully including them in your daily life. For me: time outside, journaling/writing/creating, yoga, exercise, reading, time away from social media, family, and regular massages/physio. 

5. Be your own advocate postpartum. Our healthcare for moms is grossly inadequate. Your doctor, your OBGYN, and the health nurse are all going to be focused on the baby, but your health matters too.

6. Learn to set boundaries with your time. You don’t need to say “yes” to everything. It can be hard to say “no,” but the more often you do it, the easier it gets. I promise. 

7. Read to your kids and take them outside. Over and over again, research has shown how important these things are to healthy development, and to future happiness, success, and resiliency. 

8. Turn your darn lights on when you’re driving! 

9. If you turn an Amazon envelope inside out, it can easily be reused. 

10. Learn what treaty territory you live on. (I’m writing to you from Treaty 8 land). It’s a good first step in becoming part of the reconciliation process. 

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