Currently Reading, Currently Watching, Currently Listening: 4th Edition

On Netflix: Bridgerton 

I’m not usually one to binge watch anything. When a new season of The Crown comes out, I savour each episode, doling them out slowly. When we work our way through a documentary series, I’m generally more than satisfied to watch one episode per night. But I finished Bridgerton in just three days. That’s how you know it’s good. 

Like royalty? Romance? Extremely well-developed story lines? Of course you do. It’s also fun to speculate about the identity of the mysterious regency gossip-columnist Lady Whistledown (I was wrong and Brian was right).  Oh, and while everyone is going crazy over the Duke of Hastings, Colin Bridgerton is really where it’s at. 

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

On Podcast: Uncover Season 8: Exposing MKUltra

Did you know that the CIA funded experiments at Montreal’s Allan Memorial Institute, as part of Project MKUltra? Yes, that MKUltra, the secret American mind control and brainwashing program, in which experiments were conducted on unconsenting human subjects. Dr. Ewan Cameron, a well-respected psychologist, accepted Canadian patients looking for help managing conditions like postpartum depression, and took advantage of their vulnerable states, subjecting them to “treatments” like electroconvulsive therapy, drug-induced comas, and sensory deprivation for weeks at a time. But perhaps the most disturbing revelation is that the Canadian government later refused to stand by the victims in their search for justice in a lawsuit against the government of the United States. 

From Audible: The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well By Meik Wiking

My obsession with hot coffee and coziness and the nice buzz from a glass of red wine while visiting with friends, the glow of candles, comforting pools of lamplight, warm socks, family dinners, sinfully delicious cheesecake, and soft blankets has an actual name! Enter hygge, a Danish obsession. This little book shows how hygge is integral to a happy life, and that making room for more of it in our lives is easier than we think. 

To Henry: The Tiny Chef: And Da Mishing Weshipee Blook By Adam Reid, Rachel Larsen, and Ozi Akturk

This is the cutest little story about an itty bitty chef living in a stump, who misplaces his recipe book. The result? A complete tantrum (his facial expression slays me). But then comes a long walk, inspiration, and a brand new recipe!

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