November Notions

  • Stashing a giant ziploc of mini chocolate bars leftover from Halloween in the freezer is always a good idea. 
  • I’m learning to move my body because it feels good, not because I need to make myself smaller. Yoga makes me feel limber and centered and flexible, on and off the mat. Hockey makes me feel young and strong. All is good. 
  • Resting – really truly lying back and doing nothing without feeling guilty about a lack of productivity – is so hard. Being sick always teaches me this lesson the hard way: today I’m watching The Crown and ignoring everything that needs to be done. It will all still be there when I fight off this ear infection. 
  • Our governments are transferring the blame for rising Covid-19 numbers to private citizens, when the overwhelm is really, from my perspective, the result of improperly funded healthcare and education systems. The whole thing is painfully ironic. 
  • Health is not just physical. People are not gathering because they have no regard for the well-being of others. Instead, people are gathering because in Alberta after time change, when darkness settles in around 5 p.m., when the outdoors are cold and inhospitable, staying home alone can be incredibly lonely and isolating. We are not meant to live and work and learn and parent and celebrate alone. We are wired for connection. It’s cruel to demonize people for seeking this connection, and mental health must also be considered during this pandemic. 
  • Since becoming a parent I try to resist buying ridiculously expensive Christmas gifts and refuse to buy into traditions (*ahem, Elf on the Shelf) that will cause me stress. My toddler’s super happy eating a baby burger with cheese from “W,” listening to the Gene Autry Christmas CD, and watching a train chug by on the tracks. Simplicity is king. 
  • Christmas trees look naked without a tree skirt. If you post a picture of your tree on social media and the tree stand and/or legs are exposed, I feel embarrassed for the tree. Put some clothes on her!

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