Into nothingness By Ricardo Frantz

Carry on – 

And keep calm.

 Like the British, right?

Stay the course.

We march forward. We persevere. 

A stiff upper lip. 

Fortitude. Stoicism.

Self-restraint in the face of adversity. 

Remain calm.

Little eyes are watching. Little ears are listening. 

Ride it out –

Come safely through a dangerous or difficult situation

To succeed in surviving

Or getting through

Something that can’t be stopped. Or avoided.

Let ‘er buck – 

An invitation to let it proceed (there’s no point waiting)

Bring on a challenge!

Let it throw you around

While you try your damndest to conquer it

Maybe that’s the key to this whole thing . . . 

To carry on, to ride it out, to let ‘er buck.

To let it throw us around,

But to stay the course anyway,

With a stiff upper lip.

To remain calm and to change the narrative,

To welcome the challenge

Because what’s here, 

And what’s ahead, 

Simply cannot be avoided.

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