10 Memories Made (This Season)

Laura Tremaine is the one who inspired me to record snippets of life during Covid-19, so it’s not a surprise that I also love the concept behind her blog and podcast 10 Things To Tell You where she invites readers and listeners to share a themed list of 10 things on the 10th of each month. While I’m a little late to hit the 10th of August for “10 GOOD memories made during this very weird and surreal season,” I’m doing it anyway. So, here it goes!

1.Watching the teeny-tiny tomato seeds I planted in the spring turn into GIANT tomato plants filled with fruit in the greenhouse, seeing the giant pumpkins spread into eight-foot vines that spiral towards the raspberry patch, and marvelling as the one surviving cucumber produces an actual cucumber: it’s all magic, every single time.  

2.Our trip to Jasper to celebrate Becky’s 30th: while this would’ve been fun back in pre-Covid times when it was planned, it was actually even better since nobody had been anywhere besides the grocery store in months!  It turns out that the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” is totally true.

3.I wrote up a storm in June and July, finishing a novella and a novelette and submitted them both to publishers! Even if nothing comes of it, now I know I can sit down and write – a lot – when I need to, and that knowledge is like gold. 

4.A couple of mornings on the water at Swan Lake: Henry proudly proclaiming  “I’s fishing on the boat for walleyes!,” watching his excitement at reeling in his first fish on the little Spiderman rod, and throwing his sandwich overboard when his tummy felt full. 

5.Camping in the tent trailer: even when it’s exhausting because Henry’s too excited to lay down in his bed to go to sleep (and pokes his head out of the door a million times to check on what everyone’s doing sitting around the fire), his delight at the whole adventure makes the lack of sleep worthwhile. 

6.Henry finally being old enough to – out of the blue – say, “I love you Mommy” just because he feels like it. And yes, I come close to sobbing every single time because his little voice makes my heart feel like it might explode. 

7.Taking walks out to the boardwalk at the McNaught Homestead: so green, so quiet, and the perfect length that Henry can mostly walk it on his own, so we don’t need to pack the stroller. 

8.Finding boxes of letters and photos and artifacts of my Grandpa Ish’s as we clean out my Aunt’s house that paint a much clearer picture of his life, and especially his time in India during World War II. Finding out that he was a guard for Lord Mountbatten during a public address was so cool, since I’m such a huge fan of The Crown. 

9.A progressive dinner for our fourth anniversary: I’ve wanted to move from restaurant-to-restaurant for separate courses since I first read about the idea years ago, and it was so fun to finally make it happen, making stops at Grain Bin Brewing, Tito’s, and Jeffrey’s. 

10.Lazy afternoons spent reading or working on the deck during nap time: I try to keep a daily gratitude journal, and flipping through, I noticed that I’ve been consistently thankful for green leaves since they first arrived this year. Here’s to appreciating them for a little longer, and soaking in the last few weeks of summer.

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