Six Things I’ve Learned During the First Month of Social Distancing

We’ve been social distancing for a full month now, and it’s been a strange experience. Quiet and calm. Stressful and claustrophobic. Normal in some moments, completely foreign in others. Here’s six things I’ve learned over the past four weeks:

1.How much I love driving – I really miss my daily commute. Alone. Banana-Strawberry-Peach-Oatmeal Smoothie in the cupholder. Sunglasses on. Podcast playing. Cruising to G.P. Pure bliss. 

2.Social distancing can be super awkward.

Will so-and-so think I’m rude because I scurried back to the protective bubble of my vehicle instead of holding the post-office door open?

 Do I look weird standing off to the side at the pharmacy waiting until I have a clear path with no one near me to walk towards the diaper aisle? 

3.I’m stupidly anxious and worried about what other people will think of my social distancing practices. (Am I doing it right?!)

Is that cashier going to think I’m hoarding? I’m actually picking things up for three households so less people have to go out into public.

Do people think it’s bad that I’m not wearing a mask in public? Before last week the experts said that a non-medical grade mask wouldn’t be effective, but suddenly now they are. Maybe I should get one?

4.How important it is to support local businesses. I want these places to still be here when this is all over, and they need our support for that to happen. We’ve ordered takeout from Canadian Thai, picked up lunch from the Mercantile in Valhalla, ordered flowers from Petals on Main, and paid over the phone and had OMG Cupcakes deliver the most amazing cookies- and-cream cake right out to the vehicle.

5. My poor dry hands need some serious intervention from a high quality hand cream (and don’t even get me started on the state of my brows).

6. Social distancing doesn’t have to equal a loss of connection. From the number of Easter surprises left on our doorstep over the past several days, to family Zoom dates, to book club meetings held over Facebook messenger (thank goodness for technology), it’s clear that we’re more important to each other’s well being than ever before.

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