So Much Work

Happy International Women’s Day! I’m blogging one day early this week in celebration, with a messy poem about all the inequalities I grew up not questioning, but that I sure as hell question now.

You say that women are equal,

That we shouldn’t complain.

But explain to me why . . . 

While most teachers are women, 

Most principals are men

(something doesn’t add up)

While men play professional sports

Women are relegated to supporting roles on the sidelines 

(to cheer in skimpy costumes)

While men are praised for being “players” 

Women are vehemently called “hoes”

(it’s a double standard, my friends)

Women attend churches and live good moral lives

While simultaneously being told they just can’t be leaders in those institutions

(although I’m very sure God knows vaginas don’t make us incapable)

The assumption from everyone is

That we’ll be the ones to take maternity leave

(when a child has two parents)

(when a women’s career is just as important as any mans)

It’s our job to know

Whose birthday it is,

Where we keep the stamps, and

When we’re out of chicken

It’s our responsibility 

to arrange childcare,

swimming lessons,

and music class.

So to the women I’ve tore down in competition,

(in the past, when I didn’t know better)

I’m sorry.

there’s still so much work to be done

(and we’re in this together)

Women supporting women

That’s where it’s at.

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