6 Things That Tick Me Off

1. When I’m driving down a gravel road, and the person I pass doesn’t return my wave. Like, who the heck do you think you are that the unwritten rules of life in rural Alberta don’t apply to you?

2. How the people who never ever volunteer to help, are always the exact same people who complain about the way things are done. This always makes me think of Bill Parcel’s wise words: “Losers assemble in small groups and complain, winners assemble as a team and find ways to win.” 

3. Fuelling up in -35 degree weather, or loading groceries in -35 degree weather, or brushing snow off my vehicle in -35 degree weather, which reminds me of a theory I have; people who live in warm places have no excuse for being unfit. If I could walk outside without the air literally freezing my lungs and burning my face, you bet I’d be out there every single day. 

4. Purchasing a new book from Audible without listening to the preview, getting excited about starting the first chapter, and then realizing the narrator’s voice is the equivalent to a cheese grater attacking my ear drums – absolutely horrid. Return! 

5. How Tuesday night games bring out a full bench, but Tuesday night practices don’t. It’s funny how that works. 

6. Bagging my own groceries and being in an absolute panic as I simultaneously attempt to entertain the toddler in my cart, tetris all my purchases into bags, pay, get my credit card back into the tiny little sleeve in my wallet without dropping it on the floor, shove the receipt into my pocket, and get out of the way before the cashier starts shoving the next person’s groceries down my lane. So. much. stress.

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