10 Small Wins for 2019

As the days remaining in 2019 reach single digits, I feel a tremendous amount of self-imposed pressure to complete two big goals before the year slips away for good: finish the Invincible Challenge of #1200milesin2019, and wrap-up the 50 Book Pledge.  Yet within those pursuits, as I semi-neoritcally panic-bike mile-after-mile, I’ve been starting to reflect on the small wins of the year; little things that I’m proud of, or that made me happy, and that are worth celebrating. 

1.I finally have myself trained to remember to bring reusable bags into stores! (more often than not, anyway)

2. I was WAY better at recycling this year. 

3. Holly and Tracy from Stuff You Missed in History Class – who I’ve been listening to religiously since I first got into podcasts in 2013 – read my listener mail on their January 23rd episode: Sushruta, Father of Plastic Surgery and my nerdy little heart was so shocked and full of happiness I thought it might actually burst. 

4. I tried a bunch of new recipes and found some keepers:

  • Asian Ramen Broccoli Slaw from All House Moms: I leave most of the sugar out of the dressing; it’s a nice change from regular asian salad, and I like basking in self-righteousness because I’m eating the stems of broccoli and am therefore incredibly healthy. 
  • Banana Chocolate Chip Sheet Pancakes from Pound Dropper: this recipe fits perfectly into my Pampered Chef Brownie Pan. I leave out the second banana, and just top them with 5 regular chocolate chips each. We call them Puffins (pancakes + muffins); so good and easy to transport for snacks or pop in the microwave for breakfast. 
  • Baked Salsa Chicken from The Blond Cook → This is the fastest and best way to cook chicken breast in the oven because they stay moist. Love! 
  • Giant Ginger Cookies from Better Homes and Gardens – literally the best ever, as stated by multiple family members. They’re fast, since you’re not required to chill the dough. They’re also chewy and ridiculously delicious.  

5. I ate out less (see above) 

6. I Marie Kondoed my kitchen drawers – the ones with spatulas, measuring cups, wooden spoons, etc. – and not having to sort through a ridiculous number of utensils to find what I need is so nice. 

7. I spent a substantial amount of time in libraries and it’s been cozy, calming, and invigorating all at once. 

8. I wrote all of my bills out on the calendar so I know what’s due and when, and added in a few coordinating stickers, of course. 

9. I finally tried pre-ordering groceries and doing express pick-up. I’m a convert!

10. I get to play hockey again (ok, this might be a big win) 


What are your “small wins” for 2019?

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