I’ve been a fervent and devoted collector of quotes and inspirational words since my junior high days. Back then I wore three silver rings on a necklace – strength, courage, and leadership – and once printed out a special quote for every member of my Bantam hockey team to kick off our weekend trip to provincials. 

And I love them, just as shamelessly, even now. A good quote can capture a goal, provide focus, epitomize a feeling, create a connection, and even kick my butt into gear when I’m procrastinating or wallowing in self-doubt. 

Stumbling across the right words at just the right time is a magical and reaffirming experience. On innumerable occasions, quotes have provided me with guidance, enlightenment, or been a subtle sign that I’m on the right path; a gentle nudge to keep going.

Speaking of paths, if you’re looking for some meaningful words of inspiration, a copy of Oprah’s The Path Made Clear is a darn good place to start, or read on right here for a few of my recent favourites from the past few months: 

. . . start pursuing what 2019 has left for you.

-Hannah Brencher

You are here to understand yourself. Not to be understood.

-Tammy Fodrey

While I’ve always had a clear picture of what career success looks like, it wasn’t until I had my son that I started to consider what a successful life would look like.

Caitlin Weaver

How liberating it is to pursue wholeness instead of perfection

Morgan Harper Nichols

Writing is always a mix of what I know and what I don’t know, of exploration and explanation.

-Celeste Ng

What is art? Art grows out of grief and joy, but mainly grief. It is born of people’s lives.

-Edvard Munch

It actually doesn’t take much to be considered a difficult women That’s what there are so many of us.

-Jane Goodall

The doors will be opened to those who are bold enough to knock.

-Tony Gaskins

Inside us there is a universe. Outside there is just a world.

-Prashant Iyengar

Postpartum starts on day 1 and does not stop at week 12. Postpartum is forever.

-Sara Reardon

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