At the Rink

To our very first year of hockey when our favourite way to end practice with Chris was to race the entire length of the ice to add a puck to the top of the stack

To trudging up the treacherous stairs to the top floor dressing rooms in Hythe

To that time when I started practice without a jersey because I’d been too busy talking in the dressing room to realize I hadn’t put one on 

To living the rink rat life at the Beaverlodge arena eating ketchup chips and running around looking for pucks to exchange for bubble gum

To the time we had a “fun” Christmas skate and a mouse ran out from underneath of someone’s bag so I had to undress standing on top of the bench

To that time in Bantams at Pizza Hut in Fort Saint John when Jaz thought it would be a good idea to stick a chili flake in her eye (it wasn’t)

To that time in Bantams when I got all weird and superstitious and taped a horseshoe above the dressing room door 

To the time when Ryan Smyth got traded so Torey & I used black stick tape to make mourning armbands to wear at practice 

To all the times I came home with bruised inner thighs from getting in front of the net to screen while Becky blasted slapshots

To the time I got so darn sick with H1N1 on the hockey bus home from Edmonton and Michelle and Patti took care of me 

To the times Guy had to pause to answer a call: “Quadra Chemicals, Guy Anthony speaking”

To the time when Darci weirdly went from being right-handed to left-handed and had to start using a straight bladed stick

To all the times I used to check on the score of the Oilers game through the glass at practice in Beaverlodge

To that time when Bruce got really frustrated with us and asked Torey if her parents fed her ‘cause she was being weak on the puck

To all the times when Wade made us breakout over and over and over again, until Hythe water tasted freeking delicious

To the time a girl asked Case if she wanted “to go,” to which Case replied “Go where?”

To the time I wrote “Goal, today’s the day” on my stick, & finally scored

To the time the buzzer went to announce the start of a new period, so we stood up to head back out on the ice and Wade yelled, “Sit down! We own this fucking barn!”

To the many, many, many stairs we ran at Coke South 

To the time we made “Fort Knox” in some random hotel room and slept in a fort on the floor rather than in the beds 

To the time Codie’s mom had her dentist come and set up on in the Beaverlodge arena ref room to make us custom mouthguards 

To all the times we tried to hold our breath over the reaaaalllly long bridge on the way to FSJ

To the many, many away games Doug drove us to in High Prairie

& to all the stops at Subway and Tim Hortons that such away games required

To Sherri’s poutines

To the burgers and puffed wheat squares in Hythe

Thank you.

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