Unpopular Opinions

Steak is chewy & dry –

I’ll order chicken at The Keg.

I don’t understand Beyonce’s massive appeal

& The Office just is not funny.

(Blasphemous, I know)

Dogs and cats make me super itchy & plug up my nose –

they’re only cute from a distance

The prospect of golfing 18 holes sounds like torture

& Nutella may look amazing, but is a massive disappointment

(Blasphemous, I know)

I actually fell asleep in the theatre watching The Hobbit

it was that boring

& the ocean isn’t magical, it reeks like rotten fish

BBQ chips are disgusting

(Blasphemous, I know)


Don’t make your sonogram your profile photo –

I get that you’re excited, but you’re not a fetus

Running 13.1 miles is fun

The Hangover was an underwhelming film

(Blasphemous, I know)


Whiny posts saying “school doesn’t teach us basic life skills!” –

Really? Didn’t you take CALM?

Subway seafood subs are absolutely delicious

& lash extensions are lunacy

(Blasphemous, I know)


What’s with the hype of The Bachelor?

Too much sunshine gives me a headache

& I hate, hate, hate shopping at Walmart.

(Blasphemous, I know)

I usually just nod, smile, & agree (social niceties)

but “they” claim honesty is the best policy.

Even with unpopular opinions?

We’ll see. Now that you know what I really think.

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