The Great Green Tree

An early July morning trip to the park 

To glide down the big slide and go swoosh on the swing

Bubbling over with joy from the littlest things

Racing over the dewy grass to explore

We gather at the base of the great green tree

My toddler’s wonder sparks a wish to see as he sees

I stop for a moment, and drop to the ground

At this new level, things have changed

My eyes see anew, the world rearranged

We examine the bark: the colour, the texture: 

They have stories to tell, these weathered layers of grey

I’m really seeing, so I want to stay

Like a fairy garden, soft moss grows

And deep in a crease, a single black ant

Here, more exquisite than any Rembrandt 

Round the trunk, and blue spray paint appears

Driven into the wood, some rusty old nails 

The tree has scars, yet it stands tall and prevails

And there’s lichen! Orange and yellow

The most intricate web, a spider has spun

With a tiny insect caught, her work is done

So thank you son, for showing me that

What I thought was just a great green tree

Is a gift to marvel at each new discovery


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